Dr. Kelly Jordan won a 2013 R&D Award

Published: August 25th, 2013

Category: Featured, News

Dr. Kelly Jordan and his partners at Adelphi have won  a 2013 R&D 100 Award for “High Flux Neutron Source Model DD-109X (Beam Instruments). A microwave-driven neutron generator that uses the DD fusion reaction has been developed to provide high fluxes of fast neutrons to small samples of nuclear materials. Such active analysis is particularly useful for determining the material components of the nuclear materials. Previously, samples were required to be placed a distance from the neutron source emitter where the flux of the fast neutron was small.  The new generator improves the situation by positioning the sample to be irradiated in the acceleration chamber next to the high voltage target that is producing the fast neutrons.  Small laboratories can now have neutron fluxes at a fraction of the cost that usually only available at national facilities and nuclear reactors.