Combined BS/MS

The combined BS/MS degree program allows qualified students to apply for graduate admissions to pursue both a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) and a master’s degree in MSE concurrently. Admitted students begin MS degree course work while working towards their BS degree and double-count up to 12 credit hours of specific graduate courses for both their undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. The MS degree is designed to be completed within two to three semesters after completing the BS requirements.

Admission Requirements for the Combined BS/MS Program in MSE

Combined BS/MS Program in MSE

Undergraduate Requirement

Graduate Courses

EMA3800, Error Anlysis/Optimization Methods (3 credits) EMA6808 — Error Analys & OPT Methods (3 credits)
EMA4314 — Energetics and Kinetics in MSE (3 credits) EMA6316 — Materials Thermodynamics (3 credits)
EMA4125, Transport Phenomena (3 credits) EMA6136, Diffusion, Kinetics and Transport Phenomena
EMA4062, Biopolymers: Manufacture, Stability and Biocompatibility (3 credits) EMA6581, Polymeric Biomaterials (3 credits)
EMA4161C — Polymer Physics (4 credits) EMA6165 — Polymer Physics (3 credits)
EMA4614 — Prod of Electronic Materials (3 credits) EMA6616 — Adv. Electronic Materials Processing (3 credits)
EMA4615 — Compound Semiconductors (3 credits) EMA6412 — Synth. & Char. of Electronic Materials (3 credits)
EMA4645 — Processing of Ceramic Materials (3 credits) EMA6448 — Ceramic Processing (3 credits)
EMA4623C — Advanced Materials Processing (4 credits) EMA6625 — Advanced Materials Processing (3 credits)
EMA4913/14 — Senior Research (4 credits total) EMA6910 — Supervised Research (4 credits) (MS Non-thesis)
EMA6971 — Master’s Research (4 credits) (MS Thesis)